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New products

  • Enovap Pro Plus pack

    The Enovap Pro Plus pack includes :

    - 2 Enovap Plus, Silver

    - 3 Enovap Plus Full Black

    - 10 Enovap 18650 grade A batteries, powered by Molicel

    - 10 packs of DL pods

    - 5 Enovap colored protective covers for free

    - 1 Enovap demo kit for free (1 device, 1 pack of DL pods, 1 battery and 1 cover)

    - 3 Enovap posters   

    - 10 complete sales assistance leaflet adapted for your customers

    What our clients are saying about it:

    "The Pro Plus pack is complete and offers a 360° experience of the Enovap electronic cigarette. It's perfect to introduce this innovation to my clients."

    - Olivier, le Vapo Bar