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copy of Enovap Pro Plus pack

The Enovap Pro Plus pack includes :

- 2 Enovap Plus, Silver

- 3 Enovap Plus Full Black

- 10 Enovap 18650 grade A batteries, powered by Molicel

- 10 packs of DL pods

- 5 Enovap colored protective covers for free

- 1 Enovap demo kit for free (1 device, 1 pack of DL pods, 1 battery and 1 cover)

- 3 Enovap posters   

- 10 complete sales assistance leaflet adapted for your customers

What our clients are saying about it:

"The Pro Plus pack is complete and offers a 360° experience of the Enovap electronic cigarette. It's perfect to introduce this innovation to my clients."

- Olivier, le Vapo Bar 

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Contenu du pack

1 x Enovap Blanche

2 x Enovap Full Black

1 x Enovap de démonstration

3 x Enovap Pods

3 x Enovap Pods

6 x Battery Grade A 18650 Molicel

1 x Enovap cover

1 x Enovap cover

1 x Enovap cover

1 x PLV_Affiche_A2_Lifestyle_Maxime

1 x PLV - Affiche A2 - Enovap Black

1 x PLV FR - Affiche A2 - Enovap

20 x Livret Blanc FR

20 x Flyer 4P : Batterie Enovap

2 x Flyer 1P : Kit Débutant Enovap

20 x Flyer 4P : Enovap Plus

1 x Plaquette 8P des Saisons d'Enovap

Pourquoi choisir ce pack ?

Why choose the Pro Plus pack?

Attract, Test and Sell.

1. Quickly identify the perfect nicotine level for first time vapers using the "Nicotine Control" mode on your demo device

2. Offer a unique experience with an Enovap Flavor-Mix bar, thanks to our flavor mixing function.

3. Inspire your clients' interest in Enovap through our eye-catching posters.

4. Offer an all-inclusive Enovap beginner pack including the device, a battery and a colored cover.